April 1, 2014-

My name is Barbara Alvarez and I am the Business Liaison at the Barrington Area Library. I play a key role in connecting local business owners, employees, and job seekers to valuable library resources. Through specialized classes, curriculum, online resources and research assistance, the Barrington Area Library designs and delivers continuing education tools to the business community.

Whether you are a job seeker narrowing down a list of networking prospects, or a business owner wondering how your company measures up against your competition and within your industry, I can introduce you to the tools that you need to stay on top in today's economy. Create targeted business and consumer lists, monitor the stock market, submit an online resume or cover letter for fast professional review, or attend any of our free business and technology classes on topics ranging from using Windows 8.1 in the workplace to developing a marketing strategy.

In just a few months, the Barrington Area Library will unveil its new Business Center, a place to work, collaborate, research, and ramp your productivity up to the next level.

Please contact me to set up an appointment for your business or job search needs. I look forward to assisting you. You can reach me by phone at 847.382.1300 x3070 or by email at balvarez@balibrary.org