"These inscriptions taken from four cemeteries at Bensenville, Ill., are recorded as a hint(?) that they may be, or some in fact are, related to folks here or around here. At least for reference later." A "small E.U.B. Cemetery on abandoned road northeast of town in the west area of O'Hare Field, Chi." and "the larger E&R Evang. St. Johannes Kireke Cemetery on the same road near the garbage dump west of O'Hare Field." (Arnett C. Lines)


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, July 6, 1962; Cathy Trawinski, 1999.
See also the listings for Immanuel United Church of Christ and Zion Church Cemetery.

Heinrich, Michael, Born, 9/24/1832. Died, 2/10/1905. Father of Geo. Heinrich.

Steuve, Anne, Born, 1/11/1841. Died, 5/20/1874. 1st wife of Michael H. and mother of Geo. Heinrich.

Eggstein, Maria, Born, 10/5/1850. Died, 11/20/1945. 2nd wife of Michael H. and mother of Emil, Bill A---, Luther & Ida (Herman) Gieske.

Elfring, Fred

Elfring, Mary

Elfring, Geo., Born, 1852. Died, 1932.

Kleinschmidt, Hy L., Born, 8/2/1837. Died, 7/13/1896.

Kleinschmidt, Kath., Born, 11/25/1843. Died, 11/17/1924.

Schmidt, Adelheit, nee Wilmer. Dates too dim.

In the larger E & R. Evang. St. Johannes Kireke Cem. Same road near garbage dump w. of O'Hare Field. This church was moved west on to Rt. 83.

Schoppe, Barney, Born, 1854. Died, 1927.

Mary Ann, Born, 1861. Died, 1962. W. of Barney.

Blume, Herman, Born, ? Died, 1913.

Louise, Born, 1874. Died, 1930. Geb. Tasche.

Tasche, Heinrich, Born, 6/4/1838. Died, 1903.

Kobbleman, Maria, Born, 1839. Died, 1920.

Schoppe, Johann, 12/12/1817. From Scholle, Germ.

Schoppen, A Elsabein, Born, 1816. Died, 1877.

Franzen, John G., Born, 1779. Died, 1854.

Elfring, Adelhart, 2/11/1910. Geb Koebbemann.

Elfring, Bernhardt, Born, 8/29/1833. Died, 3/22/1909.

Thies, Wm., F., Born, 1856. Died, 1934.

Anna C., Born, 1852. Died, 1925.

Mollenkamp, Conrad.

Landwer, Kath

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