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North Northfield Cemetery

North side of Dundee Road, 3/4 mile east of Sanders Road and two miles east of Route 45. Northfield Township, Cook County, Illinois.


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, June 14, 1953; Cathy Trawinski 1998
Another transcription, Northbrook Historical Society, 847-498-3404. Partial or complete listings for Aux Plains, Northfield Union, St. Peters, St. Mary at Techny, Sacred Heart, Northfield Oakwood, Russell at Techny, Emmanuel Lutheran (Glenview), St. John Lutheran, and Sunset Memorial cemeteries are also available.

Plagge, Wm. F., Born, 1862. Died, 1933.

Plagge, Ella C. (Rockenbach), Born, 1865. Died, 1962. Aunt t. Mrs. Vern Lageschulte.

Plagge, F.L., Born, 2/25/1827. Died, 3/2/189?4. cf stone.

Margaret, Born, 5/1/1826. Died, 7/31/1883. His wf.

Plagge, George, 1/12/1806—cf date on stone

Elsebein, Born, 7/25/1813. Died, 3/13/1893. Wf. of. Parents of John C. Plagge. He was her 2nd husband. Frye 1st. She m. Geo. Christian Plagge but first T.H. Frye. His bros. were Hy & Fred. See Genealogy. His sister was Caroline (M.) Hansslen.

Frye, Catherine M., Died, 3/19/1858. Age, 26/8/19.

Plagge, George D., Born, 1852. Died, 1922.

Plagge, Hattie, Born, 1859. Died, 1948.

Plagge, Sarah F., Born, 4/6/1851. Died, 1/23/1936.

Plagge, Henry F., Born, 6/14/1849. Died, 4/26/1922.

Stranger, Tena Plagge, Born, 1883. Died, 1940.

Rockenbach, Geo., Born, 1807. Died, 1877.

Salome, Born, 1812. Died, 1851. His wf.

Bubert, Henry, Died, 8/29/1884. Age, 79/7/17.

?? A., Born, 8/5/1809. Died, 12/17/1899. Nee Wessling.

Bubert, Gerhart J., Died, 12/24/1862. Age, 22 yrs., 8 mo.

Rockenbach, Sarah, Born, 3/17/1839. Died, 8/18/1899.

Rockenbach, George, Born, 2/2/1841. Died, 5/16/1936.

Rockenbach, Adelaide Almira, Born, 7/15/1867. Died, 7/13/1895.
(Note between Rockenbach and the following Bubert, uncertain which it belongs with: Parents t. Mrs. Addie (Fred) Schaefer).

Bubert, Geo., Born, 2/1/1837. Died, 10/17/1908.

Mary C., Born, 9/11/1845. Died, 11/6/1929. His wife.

Bubert, Herman, Born, 1845. Died, 1921.

Bubert, M. Amelia, Born, 1855. Died, 1927.

Bubert, Hila, Born, 1880. Died, 1952.

Bubert, George, Born, 1884. Died, 1962.

Rockenbach, Phillip, Born, 3/9/1834. Died, 1/10/1921.

Rockenbach, Mary, Born, 12/6/1838. Died, 12/15/1908.

Rockenbach, Willie, Born, 1864. Died, 1869.

Plagge, Leland Harold, Born, 1/19/1923. Died, 4/8/1945. Ill. P.F.C. 398 Inf. W.W. II.

Escher, Jacob, Born, 3/13/1795. Died, 1/7/1874.

Esher, Maria U., Born, 5/5/1796. Died, 5/9/1877. Wife of J.J. Esher.

Magdalena, Died, 4/16/1864. Age, 44. Wife of J.G. Esher.
Many Wendlings & Freys & c (Freie original spelling)

Kemper, Wilhelm, Died, 1884.

Kemper, Mathilda, Born, 10/1832. Died, 1882.

Franzen, Henry H., Died, 1886. Age 72.

Franzen, Dorothy C., Born, 1/22/1823. Died, 1911. Parents of Rev. Roloff's 2nd wife—no children.

Moore, Jacob R., (on same stone with)

Kemper, John D., Born, 4/23/1845. Died, 10/27/1922.

Kemper, Rosina, 5/13/1926. (Related to the Barrington family)

Freie, Fred, Born, 1831. Died, 1890.

Freie, Eliz., Born, 1845. Died, 1930.

Freie, Anna C., ? 1865.

As of 8/25/1964

Freie, Caroline, Born, 1889. Died, 1912.

Freie, Frank G., Born, 1860. Died, 1920.

Frey, Lambert H., Born, 8/29/1815. Died, 6/26/1900.

Egglestine, Caroline,

Frey, Margaret A., Born, 12/4/1830. Died, 11/9/1906. Nee Wolf.


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