"Dunklees Grove" S.W. of B'ville. Lutheran of Mo. Synod. Bd. individually, not in lots. This church oldest of Mo. Synod in state to celebrate 125 state anniversary - 1963 and 100 anniversary of that ch." (Arnett C. Lines, 1963)


Partial transcription, Arnett C. Lines, 1963

Plagge, Heinrich, Born, 1/24/1848. Died, 1/16/1899.

Plagge, Karl, Born, 10/11/1827. Died, 1/1/1901.

Bockelman, Wm., Born, 1880. Died, 1952.

Bockelman, Amanda, Born, 1883. Died, 1955.

Hackmeister, Antoinette, Born, 3/20/1823. Died, 11/8/1900. Geb. Schunhff.

Hackmeister, Henrich, Born, 9/7/1821. Died, 3/25/1903.

Tonne, Sophia, Born, 11/14/1820. Died, 4/24/1898. Geb. Paulmann.

Lindemann, J.C.W., First President of Teachers College of River Forest College. Concordia-Mo. Synod. Once was almost located near this church.

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