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Make reading aloud fun!

Read together each and every day. Make it part of your daily routine, so that your child will grow to anticipate it and look forward to reading.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to read. Try a favorite chair or a pile of pillows on the floor—wherever you and you child will be happy and cozy.

Avoid distractions, such as a television or radio in the background.

Read like you mean it! Vary the tone, change voices for characters, make faces, be silly—do anything to show that reading is fun and exciting!

Let your child handle the book and turn the pages, if he or she shows interest in doing so.

Keep it short! Especially when starting out, choose short books with bright, interesting pictures. Gradually lengthen sharing time as your child's attention span grows.

If your child becomes fussy or uninterested, stop reading. Don't ever allow reading to be associated with something unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Have books handy. You never know when you'll have a few minutes to fill—fill them with reading!

Remember, you don't always have to be the storyteller. Involve grandparents, older siblings, or visiting friends and relatives. All can share in your child's reading experiences.

Most of all: Have fun!

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