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Mr. Granite is from another planet!Mr. Granite is from another planet!Author: Gutman, Dan.get details/request copy
Starting with AliceStarting with AliceAuthor: Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.get details/request copy
The magical Ms. PlumThe magical Ms. PlumAuthor: Becker, Bonny.get details/request copy
Justin Case : school, drool, and other daily disastersJustin Case : school, drool, and other daily disastersAuthor: Vail, Rachel.get details/request copy
Third grade babyThird grade babyAuthor: Meyerhoff, Jenny.get details/request copy
How not to start third gradeHow not to start third gradeAuthor: Hapka, Cathy.get details/request copy
Horrible Harry and the triple revengeHorrible Harry and the triple revengeAuthor: Kline, Suzy.get details/request copy
Four boys named JordanFour boys named JordanAuthor: Harper, Jessica.get details/request copy
Doggone-- third grade!Doggone-- third grade!Author: McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy.get details/request copy
The hero of third gradeThe hero of third gradeAuthor: DeLaCroix, Aliceget details/request copy
Third grade ghoulsThird grade ghoulsAuthor: McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy.get details/request copy
I was a third grade spyI was a third grade spyAuthor: Auch, Mary Jane.get details/request copy
Third grade stinks!Third grade stinks!Author: McKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy.get details/request copy
Jake Drake know-it-allJake Drake know-it-allAuthor: Clements, Andrew, 1949-get details/request copy
Third grade angelsThird grade angelsAuthor: Spinelli, Jerry.get details/request copy
Nikki & Deja : substitute troubleNikki & Deja : substitute troubleAuthor: English, Karen.get details/request copy
Kelsey Green, reading queenKelsey Green, reading queenAuthor: Mills, Claudia.get details/request copy

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