June - August 15, 2014: In celebration of the Barrington Area Library's complete renovation, the Gallery in the Library has brought back select works by some of the most popular artists to exhibit here in the past. Stop in and enjoy paintings by Kathleen Eaton, Bruno Vanoudenhove, and Lou Taylor, along with photography by Barbara Pintozzi and former Gallery co-curators Kelly Stachura and Lisa Swarbrick!

Kathleen Eaton is a Chicago area artist interpreting city and suburban life. Her works reflect a fascination with architectural spaces and the unexpected solitude or human activities that occur within them. From this perspective, her paintings explore the emotional landscape between imagination and reality in man-made surroundings. Eaton graduated with a BFA from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Her works have been featured in shows for over 20 years and many pieces have been acquired for public, corporate, and private collections. You may have seen her large murals at Midway Airport.

We are delighted to feature the works of Kathleen Eaton again in the Gallery in the Library. Her 2012 show, Urban Landscapes, was one of the most popular Gallery exhibits of all time, and resulted in Eaton’s painting Entrance to the Red Line being featured on the cover of the Illinois Library Association Reporter magazine.

For more information on her work, please visit her website at: www.eatonart.com.

Bruno Vanoudenhove uses his photographic background to create photorealistic portraits in black and white acrylics on canvas. Born in Belgium, he is now a resident of Barrington, where he began a career as a freelance architectural photographer. When he first arrived in the United States, he was awed by the tall buildings, and marveled at how this concrete “garden” created a skyline that integrated both form and function, yet ebbed and flowed with nature. He transformed his love for well-known Chicago landmarks into intense and elegant art works. He has studied drawing and painting at Harper College.

We are delighted to feature him again in the Gallery in the Library, showing some of the most popular works from his 2010 show, Black Tie, as well as additional pieces.

For more information on his work, please visit his website at: www.bvartisticexpressions.com.

Lou Taylor, former resident of Cary and Barrington, was an artist and photographer. After receiving photography training in the Navy during World War II, Taylor also trained at the Modern School of Photography in New York and the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Professionally, he owned LFT Studios, and produced photography, illustration, and fine art for corporate and private collections for 70 years. Personally, Taylor offered community art workshops through the schools and park district, and took great interest in preserving, through photography and art, the treasured rural countryside. The Library was honored to host Taylor’s final public show in May of 2011. Upon his death in December 2011, a number of pieces were gifted to the McHenry County Historical Society to benefit their programs.

The library greatly appreciates the loan of these exhibited works from the McHenry County Historical Society in Union, IL.

For more information or to purchase one of Taylor’s works, please visit: www.mchsonline.org -> Gift Shop -> Rural Images by Lou Taylor

Barbara Pintozzi: Few of us have time to examine closely the intricate patterns, colorful hues, and graceful arrangement of flowers in the garden. Barbara Pintozzi’s garden photographs are a call to slow down and look more thoughtfully at nature and gardens, in order to increase your appreciation for growing things and green spaces.

Shot without a macro lens, these images were inspired by Pintozzi’s observations of her garden, revealing the stories hidden within. The artist hopes that you, too, will hear the flowers speak.

Pintozzi has been working creatively in the arts since childhood. Pursuing music for a time, she took photography courses in college and was active in a camera club. Pintozzi’s photography has received awards from the Chicago Area Camera Club Association, Chicago Flower and Garden Show, and Gardening Gone Wild’s “Picture This” competitions. She also features her photographs in her garden blog, Mr. McGregor’s Daughter, and explores her artistry further in her welded garden sculptures. In her role as Barrington Area Library Trustee, Pintozzi serves as a member of the Gallery in the Library Art Advisory Committee. Pintozzi previously displayed her garden-inspired photography in the show, “In the Garden of Live Flowers,” Spring of 2012.