Have you met "Elaine," the beautiful art installation in the atrium of the Barrington Area Library? Created by Minneapolis-based, internationally known artist HOTTEA specifically for the Library, the installation is made of almost 2,000 pieces of colored string, hanging from the wooden beams of the atrium. As daylight moves through the windows, the look of "Elaine" constantly changes and mesmerizes. As a very young visitor described it, "It's raining rainbows!" Invigorating, restorative, inspiring - "Elaine" moves us all in different ways.

We're inviting you to a series of creative, reflective events - Sundays With Elaine - at the Barrington Area Library.

Join us on:
Sunday, October 23, 1:30 - 4:30 PM, featuring relaxing guitar music from Jerry Tiberi

We'll set the atrium with comfortable seating where you can read quietly, reflect silently, and enjoy the artwork, accompanied by live solo guitar or piano music. We'll also provide some workspace where you may relax with adult coloring pages or your own journal/writing project. Turn off your phone, leave your tablet at home, and experience this extraordinary work of art - and lovely library space - in a new way. There is no need to register, but be aware that seating is limited, to preserve a quiet, meditative environment.