If you love trying new creative experiences and exploring your talents, don't miss Creator Fair on Saturday, February 10, 2018, 10 AM to 4 PM. Drop in, roll up your sleeves, and dive into hands-on art, engineering, and craft activities, like:

▶ watching a real printing press in action
▶ painting with a Sphero robot
▶ creating a Valentine for a veteran
▶ learning to code on the Harper College bus - a technology classroom on wheels!
▶ exploring the creative process with artist Catherine Chifflot Nealey's chakra art
▶ building a fort and taking the Strawbees challenge
▶ crafting with technology from our MakerLab and digital studios, like stamp making on the Carvey and     laser-cut cross stitch
▶ crafting for every age, like DIY canvas bags and Kindle covers, comic book frames and votive candle tattoos,     Valentine cards and decoupage wooden hearts

Open to all ages - no need to register, just drop by between 10 AM and 4 PM. Bring your camera and capture the fun!

Our Youth Services librarians have compiled a list of their favorite books, published in 2017, for young readers. Maybe they will become your favorites, too!

The Barrington Public Library District (Barrington Area Library) was delighted to receive a three star national ranking in the Library Journal annual review of public libraries. A total of 7,409 public libraries were rated nationwide and only 259 qualified as "Star Libraries," putting the Barrington Area Library in the top 3.5% of American public libraries. Only 22 libraries in Illinois received a star rating.

This year's Star Library rankings are based on statistics from the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The statistics include the following categories: circulation per capita, e-circulation per capita, visits per capita, program attendance per capita, and computer use per capita. Libraries are also ranked by budget category, with the Barrington Area Library listed in the $5-9M category. 2014 was the year that the Barrington Area Library celebrated its grand reopening, after a complete renovation and revitalization project, and this three star ranking reflects the community's enthusiasm for the new library.

Also worth noting: the Barrington Area Library ranks higher in e-circulation (downloadable e-books, audiobooks, etc.) than most of the libraries in its budget category. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, our e-book circulation increased by another 14%. You can count on us to continue growing our digital collections, and bringing you the most innovative online services. Read the full Library Journal report.

Other highlights of our 2016-2017 fiscal year include three popular events: a family concert by beloved Chicago musician Ralph Covert (303 attendees), our first-ever Comic Con Barrington (300 attendees), and our annual Local Author Fair (approximately 250 attendees).

Want to learn more about all the great things that happened at the Barrington Area Library over the past year? We invite you to check out our online annual report (below - use the "Fullscreen" icon to enlarge), and we look forward to bringing you another year full of wonderful books, movies, services, and experiences.

The third annual TEDxBarringtonAreaLibrary took place on Thursday, October 5, 2017, with three inspiring local speakers: Joy Wagner, Renee Blue, and Douglas McConnell. Watch the videos here.

Renee Blue, Lessons from the Lunchroom

Douglas McConnell, Tides, Teams and Transactions

Joy Wagner, Changing How We See and Serve People with Physical Disabilities

Remember Elaine, the beautiful art installation created by artist HOTTEA for the library's atrium? HOTTEA used almost 1,700 pieces of colored yarn for that project, and as we came closer to the time when the work would be deinstalled, many of us at the library had a question: what could we do with all that yarn? We pride ourselves on being resourceful and creative, so it just didn't seem right to simply throw away the pieces of yarn that had brought our community so much joy.

Graphic Artist Lynn Van Dorn and Public Information Manager Karen McBride harvested every piece of yarn and rolled them up into skeins and then...a hard-working team of library staff members took the yarn home and made the magic happen. In the photograph, left to right: Material Services Manager Sharon McDonald, Material Services Associate Sharon Krasel, Adult Services Librarian Liz Kirchhoff, Adult Services Assistant Librarian Corinne Groble, Customer Service Senior Associate Laura Morici, Adult Services Librarian Kate Mills, Customer Service Associate Lucy Down, Interim Executive Director Vicki Rakowski. Seated in front: Scarecrow, Graphic Artist Lynn Van Dorn. Not pictured: Adult Services Assistant Librarian Ivy Dally, Customer Services Senior Associate Nalini Jayaraman.

Lynn had conceived of a way to use crocheted and knitted pieces to wrap the library's benches and tree trunks. Since there was so much yarn, the team's creativity expanded to covering some of the library sculptures, too - Customer Services Senior Associate Laura Morici made a cozy hat and wrap for our reading mother and child statue! Look around and you'll find colorful yarn in other surprising places here at the library.

We hope this dazzling display of homemade handiwork makes you smile and brightens your day when you visit us. You may not know that Elaine was named in memory of the mother of a library staff person. We're pleased to call our new art work Dorian, to remember and honor Dorian Stoesser, our co-worker and friend of 17 years, who passed away suddenly a few months ago.