Saturday, December 17, 1892


S. of V.-Meet in Parker’s hall, Second and fourth Saturday of each month.  W. H. Selleck, Com.; Frank Krahn, S. V. C.; J. L. Runyan, J. V. C.

BAPTIST CHURCH-Mr. Bailey, Pastor.  Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  Evening services at 7 p.m.  Sabbath School 12 m.

ST. ANN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH-Rev. J. F. Clancy, Pastor.  Services every other Sunday at 9 o’clock a.m.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH-E. W. Ward, Pastor.  Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sabbath School at 12 m.  Children’s Services 3 p.m.  Class meeting 6:15 p.m.  Bible study Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting Friday 7 p.m.

GERMAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH-Rev. Wm. A. Schuester, Pastor.  Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Evening service at 7:00 p.m.  Sabbath school at 9 a.m.

GERMAN EVANGELICAL ST. PAUL’S CHURCH-Rev. E. Rahn, Pastor.  Services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Sabbath school at 9:30 a.m.

LOUNSBURY LODGE No. 751-Meets at their hall second and fourth Saturdays of each month.  C. H. Austin, W. M.; L. A. Powers, S. W.; F. W. Shipman, J. W.; H. T. Abbott, Treas.; F. O. Willmarth, Sec.; W. J. Hanower, S. D.; Wm. McCredie, J. D.; A. Gleason, T.

BARRINGTON POST No. 275, G. A. R. Department of Ill.-Meet every second Friday in the month, at Parker’s Hall. E. R. Clark, Commander; L. F. Elvidge, S. V. C.; R. Purcell, J. V. C.; A. Gleason, Q. M.; A. S. Henderson, O. D.; C. G. Senn, O. G.; Henry Reuter, Sergt.; F. A. Lageschulte, Chap.

W. R. C. No. 85-Meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each
month.  Mrs. Ada Selleck, Pres., Miss Bertha Seebert, Sec.

M. W. A. Camp 809-Meets first Saturday of each month at Lamey’s Hall.  E. R. Clark, V. C.; John Robertson, W. A. Fred Kirschner, H.; M. T. Lamey, clerk; William Antholts,
W.; P. A. Hawley, E.; H. S. Meier, S.

The Village Board met in regular session at illage Hall, President Clark in the chair.  Full board present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.  The following bills were allowed and ordered paid:
H. A. Sandman, Marshall….. $ 25.00
J. C. Meier, night watch……..    11.00
Plagge & Co., lumber and
Tile…….    19.51
J. Palmer, street labor……….    69.50
John Jahnke, street
Labor………….     70.27
James Sizer……………………..      32.50
Christ Hartz, street labor..      32.50
N. A. Williams, tile………….      137.50
John C. Plagge, oil, etc…..       24.97           
Charles Wolf, street work       18.64
Louis Wolf, street work…        12.00
Will Meir, street work                4.50
L. E. Runyan, street work       13.50
J. E. Catlow, street work        31.31
J. Moorhouse, street work      17.35
Edward Peters, street work     3.10
John Wolf, street work             7.50
H.D.A. Grebe gravel shovel        ???
E. Rieke, street labor              45.30
G. Lageschulte, street
Labor……           8.54
H.c.P. Sandman, tile………        15.18
Henry Pingel… ………………         17.75
Total                          $704.85

A motion was made and carried that a cross walk be built from the east side of Mr. Wool’s lot across to county line road. A motion was made and carried that clerk order twelve-inch common tile to be laid from the southeast corner of Franklin and Hawley streets, thence north to the southwest corner of Washington and Hawley streets, thence west to the southeast corner of Washington and Ela streets. The clerk was instructed to notify owners of property on the north side of Hawley street and the east side of cemetery street to build new
sidewalk. Board adjourned.

We are now in our new building, and have in the largest stock of holiday goods in town.  We have a complete stock of everything in our line.  Give us a call. A. W. MEYER & CO.

J. D. Lamey has taken charge of this paper at Barrington and all those who have not paid up their subscriptions are requested to do so before Jan. 1, 1893. Payments can be made at the office in Barrington or with the postmaster.  Subscription price when paid in advance, $1 a year.

John B? is now working for the Northwestern road in the machine-shops at Chicago.

Wm. Cannon is learning telegraphy with Wm. Brockway at the tower.

A large number attended the masquerade party given at Lake Zurich
Saturday evening.

Miss Ida Ulitsch is living with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ulitsch.

Mr. James Regan of Chicago was here on business last week.

Real estate in Barrington is booming, judging from the sales of the past week.
Among the sale were a lot of 33 feet frontage and house owned by Mrs. Wilmer to G. W. Lageschulte, for $1,200; 33 feet and house owned by John Jahnke to G. W. Lageschulte, for $950; Dickinson House with lot of 66 feet frontage to Charles Jahnke, for $2,525; The Green House with lot of 66 feet to F. H. Frye, for $1,500; C. J. Dodge’s house with two lots to Richard Earith, for $1,300; the Martin property just south of H. M. Hawley’s residence to G. W. Foreman, consideration unknown.

Harry Vermilya, who is now operating at Woodstock, was at home last Sunday.
Michael Domenowake, who has resided in this vicinity for the past several years and who had been for some time a school director in the district where he resided recently, has gone to Chicago where he will make his home in the future.

Samuel Jayne is negotiating with parties for a site on which to build a house.

A farewell party was given Mr. and Mrs. Domenowake Saturday evening.  Nearly fifty of his friends and acquaintances were present.  A most enjoyable time was passed.

Chester Purcell was home Sunday on a visit.