Saturday, April 21, 1894


The Election.
The village election passed off very smoothly, and a large vote was cast.  The following is the result.
President—F. E. Hawley 96.
Village Trustees—John Hatje, 101; John Collen, 96; Wm Grunau, 94.
Village Clerk—Miles T. Lamey, 97 votes.
For a Practical System of Water Works—For, 46 votes; against; 57 votes.
There was no opposition.  The gentlemen chosen are enterprising and honest, and the city will no  doubt profit by their guidance.

Rather lengthy April showers we’re having.

O. D. Richardson of Elgin was a pleasant caller on Sunday.

Mrs. Tom Kee and children of Elgin are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. X. Miller this week.

Lost—Between the M. E. Church and Mayer Grote’s place, a piece of land about five feet square; right in the road; appears to have gone down.  Where are out road commissioners?  This place is dangerous and should be attended to.

Miss Nora Houghtelling of Barrington, visited friends here last week.

Miss Anna Tinker of Elgin spent Saturday and Sunday with her cousins, Misses Laura and Addie Church.

Died—At her home in DeSuet, Dakota, Mrs. Chas. Dunklee, on Friday, April 13th.  She was an old resident of this place, removing to Dakota about eight years ago.               JEWEL.

Two of Barrington’s Prominent Young Ladies Change Their Names.
Miss Emma Robertson Married to A. J. Redmond of Chicago and Miss Marie E. McKee is Married to Wallace D. Teeple of Chicago.
Married, Wednesday, April 18, at the home of the bride’s parents.  Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson of this city, Miss Emma Robertson to A. J. Redmond, Rev. R. Bailey officiating.  Prof. J. I. Sears of Cary furnished some choice selections after which the guests sat down to an elaborate spread. The happy couple took the train in the afternoon to spend their honeymoon at the home of Mr. Redmond in DeKalb, Ill., after which they will return to this city to reside.  Mr. Redmond is a prominent
member of the Chicago bar. A number of handsome presents were received, among which were the following:  $40 in gold, Mr. and  Mrs. John Robertson, silver cake basket, Lydia Robertson; silver butter dish, Frank Robertson; one dozen
silver tea spoons, A. L. Robertson; one set silver fruit knives, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Allen; clock, A. V. Hayes; silver cream pitcher and sugar bowl, Miss Lizzie Redmond; silver fruit dish, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Leonard.

April 15th, at the S. James Protestant Episcopal Church, Chicago, Miss Marie E. McKee of this city was married to Wallace D. Teeple of Chicago, Rev. Percival McIntire, officiating.  Mr. Teeple is a prominent architect of Chicago and Mrs. Teeple is a teacher in the Barrington Public schools. Their future movements have not yet been fully decided, but Mrs. Teeple will continue her school until the end of the present term, after which she will make Chicago her home, where both will follow their respective professions. The News wishes them a long, happy and prosperous life.

A reception was tendered the new members of the Epworth League last Monday evening.  The parlors of the M. E. Church presented a cheerful scene about 8 o’clock, when President E. W. Ward called the happy assemblage to order and an entertaining programme was rendered. The quartette, consisting of Mrs. H. T. Pixley, Mrs. Hartman and Mr. Fred Lines and Mr. Hiser, sang some choice selections.  The solos by Mrs. Pixley, Miss Carrie E. Kingsley and Mrs. Hartman deserved the applause that followed.  Miss Alvina Myers read a splendid selection entitled “Patsy” which was listened to with keen interest.  After a few remarks by Rev. Mr. Ward the meeting was turned into a social.  The officers of the society exerted themselves to make everybody feel at home, and they succeeded, too.

Gus Generous was here Sunday.

Ladies stylish dress shoes at A. W. Meyer & Co.’s.

Mr. F. Peck is able to attend to business again.

Lou H. Bennett made a business trip to Wauconda Monday.

M. C. McIntosh will be an excellent School Director.  Vote for him.

H. T. Abbott put his awning up Monday.

M. C. McIntosh will make a good school director.  Vote for him.

A No. 1 creamery butter on ice at J. C. Plagge’s.

W. E. Gilman spent Sunday with Mr. S. E. Runyan.

Mr. Diekman made a pleasant trip to Lombard Sunday.

Calling and business cards at this office.

Mr. Todd of Elgin was on our streets Tuesday.

Geo. Searles made a trip to Chicago Wednesday.

Four cans of Corn for 25 cents, at Landwer & Hobein’s.

Attend the school meeting tonight and vote for M. C. McIntosh.

G. H. Landwer made a business trip to Chicago Wednesday.

I. M. Mallory was a pleasant caller Wednesday.

H. Schwemm visited Wauconda Wednesday.

The best shoes for the least money, at A. W. Meyer & Co.’s.

Mr. Wallace Wood and wife spent Sunday in Elgin.

Don’t fail to vote for M. C. McIntosh for school director at tonight’s meeting.

E. M. Blocks had his building painted the first of the week.

Minneapolis best flour $1 a sack at J. C. Plagge’s.

Mr. J. E. Appelbee a contractor and builder of Elgin, is constructing Mr. H. M. Hawley’s new barn.

Mr. Baribain, of Baribain Bros., cigar manufacturers of McHenry, Ill., was on our streets Monday.

How do you like M. C. McIntosh for school director?  Vote for him.

Miss Laura Harrison, of Wauconda, passed through Barrington Monday on her way to Chicago.

Mrs. Dr. W. T. Sherwood of Carpentersville was visiting friends in Barrington the first of the week.

See the new line of gents neckties at A. W. Meyer & Co.’s.

Mrs. E. M. Blocks left Thursday for Beechwood, Wis., to attend the bedside of her father who is ill.

It is reported that some of the saloonkeepers will not take out license next month, but will close up.

M. C. McIntosh will make a good school director.  Vote for him to night.

There is talk of building on the land west of the property owned by W. T. Sherwood.

Twenty pounds of Good Raisins for $1.00 at Landwer & Hobeins’s.

Messrs. Lawrence Church and George Searls made a pleasure trip to Elgin Sunday.

Rev. J. B. Elfrink returned to the city Tuesday from Naperville, where he had been attending Conference.

Try those Golden egg noodles at J. C. Plagge’s.

M. J. Rauh, who has been connected with the News since its founding, will remove to Chicago May 1st.

Mike has an interest in a job office on the South Side, near Jackson Park, and will take charge of the outside work connected with the office.  He was connected with the same office during the Fair and it did an excellent business, but seeing that the South Side must necessarily experience a few months of hard times he left last fall to look for employment, which he obtained in Chicago and Wauconda until the
News was launched.  The South Side is now being rapidly pushed to the front and good business houses are springing up all around; consequently the job office demands more attention.  He is well known on the South and West Sides and commands a good trade.

Who do you want for School Director?  How would M. C. McIntosh suit you?

LOST, STRAYED or STIOLEN.  A reward of $10 will be paid any person finding a passage of Scripture that teaches the application of water by sprinkling or pouring in baptism.  Any person giving chapter and verses before the 1st day of June, 1894, will receive the above reward.  D. A. Pierce, Barrington, Ill.

JUST OPENED.—In the Lageschulte block with a line of fancy groceries, confectionery, bakery goods and also a full line of candies, fresh fruits, vegetables, smoked and dried meats.  Ice cream and homemade bread on hand.  For a first-class bakery lunch give me a call.  F. I. WATERMAN.

The dance given by the Barrington Social club in Stotts Hall was well attended last Friday evening and everybody enjoyed themselves.  Quite a number were present from the neighboring towns.  Vermilya House furnished supper.

HOUSE and LOT FOR SALE in the village of Barrington, price $1,500, with liberal discount for cash.  Dr. W. T. Sherwood, the owner of the property will be at the office of M. C. McIntosh in Barrington during the coming week and may be seen during business hours.

A.W. Meyer & Co. have just received another large line of pretty spring dress goods.

The congregation and friends of Rev. Mr. Rahn of the St. Paul’s Church are talking of building a new parsonage.  This is a good cause and Rev. Rahn deserves it.

There will be a gospel meeting every night next week at 7 o’clock in front of the bank; also Sunday afternoon from 3 to 4 o’clock.  These meetings will be conducted by three Moody Institute students.

Colven’s home-made bread takes the lead.  Fresh every day.  At J. C. Plagge’s.

Mrs. Clark McIntosh entertained the Woman’s Thursday Club at her residence Thursday afternoon.  The subject was “Merchant of Venice.”  The next meeting will be at the residence of Miss Cora Higley.  The club now has fifteen members.

Messrs. Gilmer and Brooks of Wauconda were on our streets Monday.  They had been putting in ground wires on the telephone line between Barrington and Wauconda.

Twenty-two pounds of Granulated Sugar for $1.00 at Landwer & Holbein’s.
Barber Church made a business trip to Chicago Wednesday.

School meeting tonight.  Don’t fail to attend and vote for M. C. McIntosh for school director.

In our last issue we made a mistake in the sketch of Mr. Harrower.  We should have said he was born in 1844 instead of 1864.

Do you want to vote for a good man for school directory?  Vote for M. C. McIntosh at tonights meeting. Don’t forget him.

Mr. H. M. Hawley is building a barn on his farm, north of Barrington.  It is a two story, 30 by 84 feet, and will add greatly to the appearance of his farm.

Ladies spring capes and jackets cheap at A. W. Meyer & Co.’s.

Mr. Wiggins of Bloomington, Mich., was the guest of Mr. S. Peck Thursday.  Mr. Wiggins purchased a farm from Mr. Peck some time ago.

Prof. Ben Barker of Wauconda passed through the city Thursday on his way to Chicago where he will seek employment.

Corn bran $9.50 per ton by the car load at Plagge & Co.’s.

There will be a special meeting of Barrington Camp No. 809 M. W. A. Monday evening, April 23rd.  All members are requested to attend.

Mr. H. A. Dyke, special agent for the Fire Association of Philadelphia, called on M. T. Lamey Thursday.

Turn out to school meeting tonight and vote for M. C. McIntosh.

The building material for Mr. C. O. Winter’s new house arrived Monday, and the carpenters are busy  preparing to erect the frame.

Messrs. Wm. Schering, Henry Wineke and Mr. O’brien from Palatine were spending Sunday at Mr. Riekmann’s.

Mrs. Geo. Poncett went to Elgin Tuesday.  She will return to Wauconda to reside, her husband running a jewelry store at that place.

Call and see the bargains A. W. Meyer & Co. are offering in dress goods this week.

The K. O. T. M. team visited the Palatine tent Thursday night.  They report a grand time and a pleasant ride.

How will M. C. McIntosh suit you for School Director?  Vote for him.

Bring in your job printing.  We are prepared to print you a small card or a 500 page pamphlet.

Miss Hattie Wells of Wauconda passed through the city Tuesday on her way to Chicago.

Plagge & Co. have received a car load of Western seed corn.  65c per bushel.

FOR SALE CHEAP—A good Universal cook stove.  Good baker.  For particulars inquire at the News office.

Kirmse & Searles done the painting on E. M. Blocks store building, which adds greatly to the appearance of the corner.

The thrifty housewife uses A. W. Meyer & Co.’s best Minnesota flour.  $1 a sack.

Owing to lack of space we will publish last week’s and this week’s honor rolls next week.

Mr. Frank Plagge attended the funeral of his cousin at Rockford Friday.

Vote for M. C. McIntosh for School Director at tonight’s meeting.  Don’t forget it.

Mr. Earlie Harrison of Wauconda was a pleasant caller last Monday.

A fine line of wall paper at J. C. Plagge’s.  Prices as cheap as the cheapest.

M. J. Rauh visited friends in Wauconda Sunday.