Saturday, April 14, 1894


Of the Barrington High School for Week Ending April 6.
Fred Palmer.
Dennis Schroeder.
Julius Landwer.
John Mundhenke.
James Hutchinson.
Henry Schulz.
George Landwer.
Charlie Wagner.
George Kirby.
Ray Bailey.
Fred Hobein.
Fred Pingle.
Samuel Peters.
Willie Hatje.
Charlie Maynard.
Elmer Gieske.
Arthur Kampert.
Henry Wulff.
Frank Catlow.
Charlie Catlow.
Hobart Meier.
George Meier.
Emma Brimkamp.
Anna Jahn.
Helen Waller.
Florence Peck.
Anna Dolan.
Marie Dolan.
Minnie Rochow.
Laura Catlow.
Edith Meier.
Edna Church.
Ethel Church.
Alma Krueger.
Lydia Sodt.
Ruth Myers.
Lena Thies.
Gladys Lines.
Berenice Hawley.
Fydella Elvidge.
Lulu Rieke.
Jennie Lines.
Alma Stiefenhoefer.
Emma Hager.
Vivian Comstock.
Emma Jahn.
Huldah Diekman.
Nellie Thrasher.
Miss Frye,
Robin Allen.
Lewis Comstock.
Willis Krueger.
Elmer Kampert.
August Mundhenke.
Grace Freeman.
Ida Hutchinson.
Clara Kampert.
Rosa Landwer.
George Beidhoff.
Laura Wessel.
Arthur Gleason.
Eddie Martin.
Will Mundhenke.
Alvin Meier.
Reuben Plagge.
Luella Peters.
Luella Plagge.
Iva Runyan.
August Meier.
Miss Morris,
Neither tardy nor absent:
Frank Bailey.
Henry Brimkampf.
Lee Comstock.
Bennie Frey.
Rex Henderson.
Willie Kirby.
Eddie Kirby.
Irvin Landwer.
Emil Myers.
John Myers.
Samuel Nacher.
Herbert Plagge.
Theodore Rahn.
Leo Rahn.
Leonard Volker.
Lester Webster.
Arthur Catlow.
Paul Kampert.
Bertie Maynard.
Louis Rieck.
Willis Runyan.
Albert Wolf.
Ethel Austin.
Mary Jahn.
Louisa Pingel.
Lizzie Miners.
Beulah Otis.
Alta Powers.
Iva Robertson.
Anna Scholz.
Myrtle Comstock.
Lizzie Jacobs.
Esther Kampert.
Amanda Kampert.
Ethel Kitson.
Amelie Krueger.
Rosa Lageschulte.
Jennie Landwer.
Louisa Meier.
Cora Jahnke.
Freda Nacher.
Henry Angholz.
Herman Dickman.
Alvina Myers,
Grammer Room.
Neither tardy nor absent.
Ray Elcidge.
Grace Generaux.
Eddie Ernst.
Flora Nelson.
Floyd Harnden.
Wilber Harnden.
Karl Volker.
Ezra Meyer.
Clarence Sizer.
John Sizer.
Grace Otis.
Mina Robertson.
Edwin Diekman.
Laura Rieke.
Laura Kampert.
Albert Kreft.
A Grammer Test.
A Class—Grace Otis 96.
Bessie Decker 87
Myrtle Runyan 81
Floyd Harnden 8o0
B Class---Karl Volker 100
Laura Kampert 94
Laura Kieke 96
Grace Generaux 92
Alfred Landwer 89
Marie E. McKee,

The first conference of the United Evangelical Church, which was in session in this city all of last week, closed its labor Tuesday afternoon.  Following are the appointments.
Freeport District—W. Caton, Presiding Elder.
Freeport Trinity—S.F. Entorf.
Davis—H. C. Stephen.
Cedarville—H.  H. Thoren.
Orangeville—J. W. Fager.
Stockton—J. H. Keagle.
Rush—C. W. Davis.
Shannon—C. G. Unangst.
Polo and Forreston—C. K. Yeakel.
Brookville—B. F. Ludy.
Chadwick—W. A. Unangst.
Fair Haven—J. Divan.
South Dixon—J. H. Johnson.
Dixon—Isaac Divan.
South Dixon—J. H. Johjnson.
Sterling—H. R. Schultze.
South Illinois District—A. Haefele, Presiding Elder.
Groveland—M. C. Morlock.
Mason—Wm. Schuster.
Streaton—M. Stamm.
Ottawa—C. J. Schuster.
Washburn—J. H. Schultze.
Reddick—Wm. Gross.
Roberts—Wm. Schweiker.
El Paso—J. W. Michaels.
Weston—P. Himmel.
Assumption—D. J. Klopp.
Jonesboro—C. Stockhowe.
Terry Haute, Ind.—J. Fuchs.
Clarksville—C. F. Matthies.
Chicago District—J. Schneider, Presiding Elder.
Chicago N. Hoyne Ave.—S. F. Kiest.
Chicago N. Ashland—C. A. Fuessele.
Chicago Dearborn street—F. Busse.
Desplaines—F. W. Landwer.
Barrington—Th. Suhr.
Edison Park—C. Roloff.
Highland Park and Deerfield—Albert Fuessele.
Naperville Salem and Downer’s Grove—C. H. Dubs.
Peotone—C. J. Frey.
Raed City, Mich.—A. Lutz.
Owasso and Flint, Mich.—J. G. Finkbeiner.
Naperville District—H. Messner, Presiding Elder.
Naperville Grace Church—J. J. Klopp.
Chicago Adams Church—W. H. Fouke.
Manhattan—J. G. Fidder.
Aurora—D. B. Beyers.
Pierceville—J. Stengel.
Hampshire—G. Barth.]
Elgin—A. Strickfaden.
Joliet—J. W. Mohr.
Ashton—William Barberich.
Genesseo—H. Moser.
Hooppole—C. S. Fehr.
Loraine—Joseph Eller.
J. W. Woodside was appointed missionary to Africa and C. F. Rife to Polynesia, Asia.
F. Kampert, F. A. Lageschulte and H. H. Sodt were the lay members from Barrington that were present.

R. M. Blocks made a business trip to Chicago Tuesday.

For Ladies Fine Shoes and Slippers go to A. W. Meyer & Co.

The Internal Revenue collector was in town Thursday.

S. Peck returned from Peoria, Ill., Thursday.

Have your last duck hunt, boys, Sunday is the last day this season.

A few days like Friday would soon put the roads in good shape.

Mrs. J.K. Bennett has added four more rooms to her hotel.

H. D. A. Grebe made a business trip to Chicago Monday.

Try A. W. Meyer & Co.’s 8 cent corn or 85 cents  a dozen.

Mr. E. Plagge had a light touch of the grip the first of the week.

Mr. Wm. Collens was a pleasant caller Tuesday.

J. C. Dobler went to Chicago on business Tuesday.

Hats in the latest patterns and styles at J. C. Plagge.

Mr. Wm. Howarth took Mr. F. Peck’s place in the store Thursday.

Rev. T. Suhr, of San Francisco, Cal. was appointed to fill the vacancy of Rev. Mr. Schuster.

August Hartman, of Chicago, visited friends in Barrington Thursday.

Mr. Frank Peck is having a siege of the grip, and is unable to attend to business.

Have you ever seen those Spring Capes at A. W. Meyer & Co.’s?

Miss Minnie Meier is clerking in Mr. Comstock’s store.

Mr. Geo. H. Comstock of Cary Station was a pleasant caller Monday.

Mr. Gainer of Wauconda was on our streets Monday.

Will Searles is very sick with the inflammatory rheumatism, having a relapse last Sunday.

See J. C. Plagge’s new advertisement this week.  The Viking

Mr. H. Schwemm made a business trip to Chicago, Wednesday.

Frank Krahn was on our streets Friday.

The heavy rain and sleet done considerable damage to the telephone line between Barrington and Wauconda, breaking it down in many places.

A large assortment of Spring Dress Goods to select from at A. W. Meyer & Co.

E. M. Blocks went to Chicago Friday, to buy household furniture for Mr. Schult.

The Women’s Thursday Club held quite an interesting meeting at the home of Mrs. T. C. Dolan Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Clute and family have moved on the Justen Fellows farm, where they will make their home in the future.

Mr. Charles Bogart of Palatine, is papering and repairing the additional rooms to the Columbia Hotel.

If you want anything in the confectionary or bakery line go to J. C. Plagge.

Rev. J. B. Alfrink went to Naperville Wednesday to attend the 50th session of the Evangelical Association of North America, of which we will give a full account in our issue of April 28th.

Next Monday night at the M. E. Church the local chapter of the Epworth League will tender a reception to several members who have recently joined the society.  A short literary program will be rendered.  A good time is expected.  All are invited.

HOUSE and LOT FOR SALE--$1,500 will buy a pretty little home in the village of Barrington.  House nearly new and pleasantly located.  For particulars inquire of Postmaster or M. C. McIntosh.

Mr. Fieke, of Lake Zurich, was on our streets Tuesday, looking for a man that had in some way beat him and jumped the town.

Have you tried A. W. Meyer & Co.’s Best Minnesota Patent Flour?  One Dollar a Sack.

Mr. Wallace Wood has moved into the flats over A. W. Meyer & Co.’s store, which have just been finished.

?ven’s home made bread, takes the lead.  Over 14,000 loaves sold last year at J. C. Plagge’s.

Last Sunday night there was over $1,400 of missionary money raised at the United Evangelical Salem Church.

Mr. Leroy Powers is slowly gaining health and it is hoped that he will soon be able to attend to business again.

The Viking Workingmen’s Shoe, $1.25 per pair, sold by J. C. Plagge.

G. H. Landwer made a business trip to Chicago Friday.

Messrs F. J. Meier and J. C. Plagge had new awnings put on their store buildings Friday.

Mr. Harry Vermilya has accepted a position at Appelton Junction on the N. W. Railroad.

Ida and Bertha Jahnke of Elgin made a visit over Sunday at the home of C. Jahnkes.

A.W. Meyer & Co. sell the Celebrated Douglas Shoe.  Try a Pair.

Why is Maude so meloncholy?