April 25, 1891


The election for two school directors, which occurred last Saturday evening resulted in the election of E.R. Clark for full term and F.E. Hawley for short term.

Miss Ida Jahnke, of Elgin, has ben visiting her mother here during the past week.

Charles Jahnke has a new tubular well put in by J. Palmer, at his livery stable: An Aermotor windmill has been placed over it, and occupies quite a conspicuous position in our village.

The roads are so bad that Ed. Sensor had to leave his team at Lake Zurich, Wednesday and carry the mail on his back to Barrington.

We are informed that Alderman-elect, H.T. Abbott has received a number of letters from parties who desire an office under the new administration.

Rev. D.J. Crimmons, of Woodstock, called on friends here Wednesday.

For Sale or Rent, C.J. Dodge's House. Inquire of M.W. Dodge, Barrington, Ill.

Miss Grace Squires is here visiting at Mr. Burlingham's.

Mr. T.J.J. Crowley moved to Chicago Wednesday.

The village election which occurred Tuesday, was a very quiet affair, there being by little opposition. The result was as follows: For President, E.R. Clark, for trustees, H.C.P. Sandman, John Robertson, H.T. Abbott, to fill vacancy, P.A. Hawley, for village clerk, F.O. Willmarth.

General Walter C. Newberry, member of Congress from Chicago, has sent from Washington to Wm. Howarth, a map of the United States, which is the best we have ever seen. Mr. Howarth, has presented it to our public school.

Go to the bargain store for mens spring suits, work pants and boys suits, both in knee and long pants. A.H. Reese.

Spring is here at last.

We now have another Barrington train which leaves here at 6:45 a.m. and arrive at 9:30 p.m.

Wanted. -- Good girl for general housework. Apply at once to Mrs. F.G. Barnard, Park Ridge, Ills.

Another side track, 300 feet long, is being built to make room for the coaches of the new train, and also for the accommodation of the new lumber yard.

Mr. Mrs. H.B. Dickinson, of Chicago, are the guests of Mrs. C. Dickinson, this week.

Unlaundried shirts from 45 to 95 cents at A.H. Reese.

Dwight Hawley, Mrs. Jas. Sizers brother, of Chicago, was brought here Tuesday, of last week, for burial.

Men's fine pants from $2.00 to $6.00 at A.H. Reese.

For Sale or Rent. -- A new seven-room house. For particulars inquire of M.T. Laurey.

J. Zimmerman is doing some extensive repairing on the house he purchased recently.

Men's fine calf and kangaroo shoes at A.H. Reese.

For Rent -- Store 30x26 feet, in brick building on Main Street. Also four rooms, suitable for a small family, in same building. Inquire of M.T. Laurey.

The Inter Ocean Homestead and Loan Association of Chicago, will organize a local board of their company at Barrington, which promises to be a great success. It is one of the largest and best managed affairs of its kind in America. It has some of the best business men of Chicago for its officers and is organized with a capital stock of $50,000,000; any person, male or female, may become a member and can take from two to 500 shares, and have the privilege of withdrawing their monthly installments at any time after six months, and receive eight per cent interest per annum from the date of issue of said stock. A member can borrow money to build a house, after they have been a member three months of more. The names of the local officers will appear next week. Stop paying rent when eight dollars a month will build you a home. The following references are given; Commercial National Bank, Chicago; La Salle National Bank, La Salle, Ill., Farmers & Merchants National Bank, Vandalia, Ill., E.W. Fassett & Co., Bankers, La Moine, Ill. For particulars call on H.B. Dickinson, Barrington, Ill.