Saturday, January 30, 1892



U. of V.-meet at Colburn’s hall, third Tuesday of each month. F. O. Willmarth, Captain; Albert Ulitsch, First Sergeant.

BAPTIST CHURCH-Mr. Henry, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 a. m. Evening services at 7:30 p. m. Sabbath School 12 m.

ST. ANN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH-Rev. E. A. Goulet, Pastor. Services every other Sunday at 9 o’clock A. M.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH-Rev. Wm. Clark, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Sabbath school at 12 M. Class meeting at 7 P. M.

GERMAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH-Rev. A. Schuester, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A. M. Evening service at 7:30 P. M. Sabbath school at 9 A. M.

GERMAN EVANGELICAL ST. PAUL’S CHURCH-Rev. E. Rahn, Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A. M. Sabbath school at 9:30 A. M.

LOUNSBURY LODGE, No. 751,-meets a their hall the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. C. H. Austin, W. M.; A. Gleason, S. W.; C. H. Lines, J. W.; H. T. Abbott, Treas.; F. O. Willmarth, Sec.; L. A. Powers, S. D.; Albert Ulitsch, J. D.; Stewart Miller, T.

BARRINGTON POST, No. 275, G. A. R. Department of Ill.-meet every second Friday in the month, at Colburn’s Hall.  F. J. Buck, Commander; R. Purcell, S. V. C.; Fred Weisman, J. V. C.; L. Krahn, S.; Stewart Miller, Chaplain; A. Gleason, Q. M.; A. S.?Henderson, D.; C. G. Senn, O. G.
W. R. C., No. 85-meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each?month.  Mrs. R. Lombard, Pres. Miss R. Brockway, Sec.
M. W. A., No. 809-meet first and third Saturday of each month, at Lamey’s Hall.  D. A. Smith, V. C.; John Robertson, W. A.; C. H. Kendall, E. B.; C. H. Austin, Clerk; H.?K. Brockway, E.; Fred. Kirschner, W.; Wm. Antholtz, S.

Mrs. Ray, of Chicago, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Shufeldt.

Mr. Alonzo Hutchinson, of Chicago, visited his parents Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Castle, of Chicago, visited Mrs. C’s. parents, Mrs. and Dr. Filkins, Sunday.

The W. R. C. meetings will be held only once a month hereafter, the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Miss Bertha Seebert is visiting friends at Elgin.

Mr. Monroe Waterman of Springfield, Ill., is visiting his brother, Mr. George Waterman, this week.

Miss Anna Krahn is sick with typhoid fever.

BORN-To Mr. and Mrs. William Wilmer, a girl.

Mrs. James Sizer and Mrs. L. E. Runyan are visiting at Waukegan this week.

Miss Laura Church of Barrington Center is visiting friends here.

Mrs. Jennie Hartman of Nurdawas, at C. M. Vermilya’s Monday.

Prof. Easton visited his parents at Waukegan Saturday and Sunday.

Miss. Louise Bock of Chicago is the guest of Mrs. Wm. Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hawley of Dundee visited relatives here Friday.

Mr. Henry Reese, who has been engaged in the milk business in Chicago has sold his interest there and is at home.

Miss Nettie Lombard is having a vacation.

Miss Ida Dodge of Elgin called on friends here last week.

David Halger of Dundee was here last Saturday.

Mrs. St. Clair is entertaining a cousin from Iowa this week.

Mr. Vebber, who has beer taking a vacation, has returned to work.

Will Barnett has secured a position as book-keeper for a lumber firm in Chicago.

Mrs. E. P. St. Clair visited friends at Nunda last week.

Mrs. E. Johnson’s sister is spending a few days here.

Wesley Smiley will soon move in the new Harnden building.

Mr. Tegtmeier visited friends at Desplaines Friday.

The Woman’s Missionary society will meet at the home of Mrs. J. O. Selleck Saturday, Feb. 7.

Fred Vermilya and Guy Fischer were Chicago visitors Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. French of Palatine visited at Mr. and Mrs. E. Cannon’s Sunday.

Mr. George Alverson is at Palmyra, Mo., visiting his wife’s parents.

Mr. Henry Brockway is the agent at the office of the E. J. & E. railroad during Mr. Alverson’s absence, and Mr. E. J. Weller fills the position of night operator.

Mr. Shaw and wife of Chicago visited his brother, M. David Shaw, Sunday.

Mr. Frank Krahn has resigned his position as clerk at A. W. Meyer’s store. He intends to attend a business college in Chicago.

FOR RENT.-Either for cash or on share, a farm 2 miles east of Barrington. For particulars apply to George Barnett, Barrington, Ill.

There will be a Baptist dime sociable at the residence of Mr. Highley, Friday evening, Jan. 29. A variety of games will be provided and coffee and doughtnuts served.

The annual meeting of the Evergreen cemetery lot owners will be held in the village hall at Barrington, on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 2 o’clock p. m. Each lot owner is entitled to a vote.

Died at his late residence in Barrington, Saturday, Jan. 23, of pneumonia, Samuel B. Church, an old and much respected citizen, having lived in this neighborhood for nearly fifty years. He was born at Mexico, Oswego county, N. Y., May 2, 1822. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Olcott of Elgin, at the house Monday, Jan. 23. His remains were interred in Evergreen cemetery.

We have been told that the cards have been issued for the marriage of Miss Mundhenke of Palatine, to Mr. Albert Ulitsch of this place, this week.

A sleigh load of Woman’s Relief Corps ladies went to Carpentersville Friday to surprise one of their members, Mrs. Stewart Miller, and such a grand time as they had can only be apapreciated by those that were there. They found Mr. and Mrs. Miller nicely situated, and they were highly entertained during their stay.

Among those that have been sick lately and are gaining in health are Mr. H. Meier, Henry Brockway, Wm. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Bute, Mrs. S. Selbert and Miss Stella Clark.