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Meet The Youth Services Staff

Nice to meet you!

Stop by and say hello when you come to the library. We’re happy to answer questions and suggest books or movies. We also love when you tell us about a great book to read and we have a special surprise waiting for kids who get their first library card! Contact us.

They told me I could be anything I wanted to be... so I became a Youth Services Assistant Librarian at the Barrington Area Library! I love working at this lively library and assisting such amazing patrons. My ideal day would be spent reading all the fantasy and science fiction books I could get my hands on. I am also pretty awesome at board games.
I’m so happy to be a Youth Services Librarian at BALibrary. I love reading all kinds of stories, especially ones with a little bit of magic in them. I love to talk about books as much as I love to read them, so please tell me about the great book you just finished! If I’m not reading or helping people at the library, I’m probably playing with my two adorable Boston terriers, Samwise and Frodo.
As the Head of Youth Services, I love reading, finger painting, and singing, “If you’re happy and you know it,” with a chorus of preschoolers! Some of the best things about my job are finding just the right book for an excited new reader and inspiring a love of reading in children. Let's find new ways to explore, discover, create, and have fun in the library. When I’m not at work, I’m riding my bike around town, baking, or playing the ukulele.
I am thrilled to be working as a Youth Services Assistant Librarian at the Barrington Area Library! As a longtime lover of children’s and teen literature, I’m excited to help kids find the perfect books to read. I love all genres, but my favorite books are fantasy and historical fiction. When I’m not working, I like to dance, write stories, and, of course, read!
As a lifelong reader of children’s literature, being a Youth Services Librarian has always been the perfect job for me! The best part of my day is when I connect people to the perfect book, movie, or website. I also enjoy helping children explore and create with technology. My favorite books to read are fantasy and science fiction, and I never go anywhere without a good book to read.
I was sure glad when the librarians invited me to live at the library. Not to brag, but I think I’m a pretty good library dog. I rarely bark and I get lots of exercise as kids take me all over the library! Next time you visit, read me a story or tell me a joke. I love jokes almost as much as I love bacon.
As a Barrington resident that loved visiting our library and bringing my children here, I was thrilled to become an Assistant Librarian in 2008. During the work day I help Barrington children find good books and movies, and select holiday titles and books about the fifty states. Since I love celebrations and traveling, this is a perfect fit. My favorite books are historical fiction, but I truly love reading any well-written book.
As an Assistant Librarian, I help plan and run drop-in craft programs, present story times and keep the picture books and beginning readers organized. I enjoy all kinds of books—from chapter books to adult novels. My favorite genres are fantasy, realistic fiction and mystery. I am always listening to audiobooks: in the car on my drive to work, and on my iPad/iPod at home. My interests include gardening, animals, sewing, and crafts.
I have been a Youth Services Librarian since 2007. Before that, I worked for many years as a broadcast journalist. I enjoy “shaking my sillies out” at library storytimes, working with children at the reference desk, putting together large stacks of books to send to local schools, and of course reading children’s literature. I live in Barrington with my wife and daughter, and I was a regular library visitor long before joining the library’s staff.
I have always had a passion for working with children, whether I'm reading to preschoolers, or in the craft room helping the next Picasso create a masterpiece! Before becoming an Assistant Librarian, I worked as a preschool teacher, Scout leader and swim instructor (my other passion). My ideal day would be sitting on the beach with my family, reading a really good book! I enjoy reading realistic fiction, but have been known to peruse the cookbooks to no end.
I am an Assistant Librarian. I select books for our board book collection and assist with our magazine collection. I enjoy helping patrons of all ages find books and I am always recommending new books to friends and family.