We love to share stories at the library, but we also love to make up our own. Toontastic is an app that allows kids to author their own stories, while teaching them how to follow a traditional story arc. The app works with the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone. Download by pressing:

Download Toontastic App

Below are the stories made by Barrington Area Library kids in our latest program on November 8th.


1:00 Toontastic Class:


The Castle

Fun Day

The Princess

Princess and the Pony

Puppy and Princess

The Spas Girl


2:00 Toontastic Class


The Blobs Uv Doom

Bad Billy Saves the Day

The Goblin




3:30 Toontastic Class


Aliens 2

Monster vs. Space Buggy

Pirates and the Princess

Shark vs. Pirate

Spongebob’s Attack

Star Wars