North side of Midlothian Road near Echo Lake Road about 1 mile northeast of the village of Lake Zurich. It was in Ela Township, Lake County, Illinois. The cemetery no longer exists.


Read by Arnett C. Lines about 1937.
Transcribed by Cathy Trawinski, 1998.


Briggs, Wm., Died, 1875. Age, 64

Orrin, Died, 1853. Son.

A child, Died, 1853.

Bubbe, Died, 1847. Son.

Perry, Died, 1845. Son.

Catherine, Died, 1859. Dau.

Lucinda, Died, 1858. Age, 43. Wf. of Wm. Briggs.

Bacon, Ethel, Died, 1861.

Betsy, Died, 4/2/1871. Age, 22 yrs., 11 mo. Wf. of Sam Clarke. Dau. of W. & L. Briggs. She was mother of Mrs. Geo. Nightingale. Remains were removed to Evergreen Cem. by Geo. Nightingale. Stone left there.

Eva, Died, 3/18/1858. Dau. of C.G. or G.G. & E. Robinson.

Cornelia, Died, 1856. Dau. of G.G.R.

Briggs, Fannie, Died, 1863. Age, 9 mos.

Son of H. & W. Feddeler.

Clute, Marcus, Born, ??/29/1840. Died, ??/30/1887. Father of Herman, Theo., & Mary Anne? Schuerman. Husband of Lena, born, 9/2/1845.

Kuhlman, Sophie, Born, 9/24/1875. Died, 4/28/1909.

Greber & C.

Several buried in Fairfield Lutheran Cemetery.

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