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small group rooms

Please note: the library's small group rooms will not be available beginning October 15, 2013, due to renovation. No reservations for these rooms can be made for dates after October 14, until new rooms become available. Thank you for your patience while we build your 21st century library.

Due to renovation, meeting rooms for groups larger than 8 are not available at this time. See this handout for information on other meeting rooms available in the Barrington area for your consideration.

Small rooms are available to groups of 2-8 people that need a place to work on projects, hold small meetings, or study together. Individual patrons may use the rooms; however, preference is given to groups. The Media Lab is a great space for small groups (up to 6 people) who need to look at Web resources, videos or presentation slides while working together.

Patrons may also make reservations for the use of a group study room in person or by phone one day in advance for a maximum of two hours per day. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes, after which the entire period reserved will be forfeited. If no other group is waiting to use the room, the current users may continue over the two-hour limit. Patrons may be required to leave their library cards or other forms of I.D. at the reference desk while using these rooms.

Lights are to remain on in the rooms during all times that they are in use. Food and drink, except for beverages in covered containers, are not allowed in these rooms. Conducting of business between two or more persons (including but not limited to sales, interviews, and tutoring) is prohibited on library property. Patrons who fail to follow library rules may lose future study room privileges. Library staff may request that persons using these rooms not exceed a reasonable level of noise.