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Stop-Motion Movies: January 3

If you were one of our movie-makers, don't forget to count this program as one of your activities for the Winter Library Club. Great work!


Light Painting

Light painting is a neat way to create unique photographs. No editing is needed, just some crafty kids with the right tools. Before class, Aly and I adjusted the camera setting so the shutter would stay open for 15 seconds. Normally, the shutter opens and closes quickly, but with the adjusted setting, artists had enough time to draw a picture or create an effect. All we needed was a camera with manual settings, flashlights, and a dark room.

For more on light painting, visit The Tinkering Studio Blog, presented by The Exploratorium, in San Francisco.

Click on the photos to see the full catalog of pictures.

Spencer and Tanner Part 1

Spencer and Tanner Part 2

Elizabeth and Prasanth Part 1

Elizabeth and Prasanth Part 2

Diego and Philip

Tej and Alex

Remember, this takes practice. The first few times may be challenging, but after a while, you realize how much you can get done in just 15 seconds. Try it out at home and send us copies of your light paintings!


Tech Open Lab

The December Tech Open Lab was one of the best, yet! Imagination was the key ingredient in this program. Older kids experimented with LEGO WeDo, Photobooth, and GarageBand, while future tech all-stars had fun playing with Sifteo cubes and specially selected storytime apps for the iPad. Make sure to join us for our next Tech Open Lab on February 12.


Scratch Animation

Scratch is a great tool to introduce kids to computer programming. Computer programming may seem like a tough topic, but the software makes it easy to learn. Simply drag and drop pieces of code into a script and voila, you have a cool new program! Scratch can be used to make a variety of different projects including animation, art, even a game. For inspiration, check out the awesome projects that were made in class, or visit the Scratch website to learn more.

To download the software, click: Download Scratch

My Mouth

Scratch Project

Stupid Scientist

Scratch Project

Floating Ball

Scratch Project

Hideous Bird + Cheesepuffs

Scratch Project

Cheese Puff Mania

Scratch Project


Scratch Project

Chicken Bob Cat

Scratch Project

Mosaic Song


Scratch Project