March 21, 2012 - Here is information and a registration link to ReferenceUSA's webinar on using the database for business development.

Title: Start, Manage, Grow!  How Businesses can use ReferenceUSA
Day/Date: Mondays (2 April – 25 June)
Time:  2:30 PM Central (1 Hour)
Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to use ReferenceUSA to find the mission critical information necessary to start, manage and grow a business. Topics include:
  • - research prospects and prospective clients
  • - locate hard to find vendors, both locally and nationally
  • - network with other businesses in your area or in your industry
  • - develop relationships with related business for co-branding opportunities
  • - understand community demographics
  • - survey locations for expansion
  • - conduct competitive analysis
  • - locate subject manager experts and professional services
  • - source new employees
  • - find investors, venture capitalists and angels
  • - plan delivery routes and service areas
Attendees will need an internet connection and a phone line to participate.
To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below:
Due to scheduling conflicts, some dates and times may not be available.

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