Table of Contents

Front Cover / Title Page / Contents (front cover, pages 1-5)
Introduction (pages 6-9)

It Was Planned and Not Just a Widening of the Road: Birth of Barrington (pages 10-21)

The Sound of the Saw Was Constantly Heard: Building a Life on the Prairie (pages 22-39)

We Stayed There, by God, 'Til We Did Know It: Schooling in Early Barrington (pages 40-49)

A House for Seven Dollars, and a Cow for Seven Dollars: Life in a New Country (pages 50-59)

Members Had Deeds for Their Pews: First Churches of Barrington (pages 60-67)

Any Rags, Any Bones, Any Bottles Today? Special Memories of Early Barrington (pages 68-79)

Such a Lovely Place to Play: Downtown Barrington in the Early 1900's (pages 80-95)

Snake Oil for Every Ache and Pain: The Medicine Show, and Other Good Times (pages 96-105)

People Don't Know What It Was to Be Cold: Everyday Life in the Village (pages 106-137)

Sources for Stories / Bibliography / About the Author / Barrington Area Bicentennial Commission, 1976 / Acknowledgments / Back Cover (pages 138-143, back cover)

Index to Tales of Old Barrington

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