1904 - Long distance telephone service to Palatine and Fox River Grove began.

1904 - Historian William Klingenberg was born in Barrington.

1904 - Rural mail delivery began outside the village limits.

1905 - The Hough Street School was dismantled into four sections which became residences. The new school was built.

1905 - The first natural gas pipelines were installed.

1907 - The first four-year high school class was graduated from the Hough Street School.

1910 - The first cars came to Barrington.

1914 - The Barrington Woman's Club was established.

1914 - The first Boy Scout troop was formed.

1915 - The first library was organized at William Cameron's drugstore.

1919 - The American Legion Post 158 was organized.

1920 - The Census results show 1,744 residents in the village.

1920 - A tornado damages the Barrington area.

1925 - The Lions Club was established.

1927 - The first paved streets were Dundee Ave. and Main St. to Northwest Highway.

1929 - The Jewel Tea Company built its headquarters in Barrington.

1929 - The Barrington Park Board was formed.

1930 - The Park Board built a shelter and a pool.

1931 - Tower Lakes was incorporated.

1933 - The Barrington State Bank was forced out of businesss by the Great Depression.

1933 - The Girl Scout and Camp Fire Girl troops were formed.

1933 - The first permanent library was housed in the Village Hall.

November 24, 1934 - George "Baby Face" Nelson was shot on Northwest Highway.

1939 - The League of Women Voters was established.

1940 - The fire department was incorporated.

1941 - At least 647 Barrington residents served in WWII.

1944 - First National Bank of Barrington celebrates its 25th anniversary.

1945 - The Barrington Review newspaper became the Barrington Courier-Review.

1945 - Boy Scout Troop 21 was commended for sponsoring 5 War Bond and Stamp drives totaling over $1 million.

1946 - The VFW Post 7706 was formed.

1948 - The Countryside School was built.

1949 - Classes began in the new Barrington High School.

Contributors to the timeline include: Cathy Trawinski, Barbara Benson, William Klingenberg, Barrington Courier-Review.

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